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Our Mission Statement

Everyone remembers their youth & can fully appreciate the reality of how impressionable our lives were. The reason we positively progressed and freely transitioned through our kinder garden to high school days could be traced back to our opened doors with the keys labeled encouragement and motivation.

The goal of YS is to mentor, encourage, and strengthen our youth. The gifts our kids receive whether monetary, time or talents from our donors are to help make their lives easier & much better.

The YS task is to help foster positive attitudes. We want the kids to swallow the words never give it, never give in, don't ever turn back, knowing they're built to win.

Each donation from you is considered a special treasure and a wonderful gift from God.

Our Board

We could not fulfill our mission without the amazing commitment of individuals, businesses, and community groups

Dr. Ronald Hodges is an owner and senior internist at Valley Central Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center.

Dr. Ronald Hodges

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